Golf Notes 22/4/24 – 28/4/24


The Veterans had 38 players playing a stableford competition.  The winner was A Swift with 38 pts, runner up was K Turner ocb from D Stanfield & M Gnech with 37 pts.  The ball rundown continued with C Petroholis & R Humphrey 35 pts, W Delaney 34 pts, followed by S Dennis 32 pts and J Gurney, D Bass, G Clark & D Wall with 31 pts.  Pin shots were received by D Bass, T Norris & J Gurney while D Wall received the ladies.   Next week will be a single stableford competition.


Wednesday the Ladies had 7 players play a single stableford competition.     The winner was T Reid Pocock with 33 pts, runner up S Grace with 32 pts.  The pin shots were received by A Brown & J Baulch.    This week will be a single stroke/monthly medal competition.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by A Lutter from J R Plant Hire, playing a 2 Ball Ambrose competition.  The winners were G Parker & B Beasley with 44½, runners up were M Chambers & J Chambers with 43 net.  The run down went to J Gurney & M Wyvill 45¼, B Brown & J Lutter 45½, R Cuneo & D Forsyth 46½, S Fahey & B Beasley 47 net followed by D Beazley & R Freeman 47¼, J McGrath & J Handley 48½, R Maudsley & P Willett 48¾ and M O’Reilly & C Shannon with 49 net.  Pin shots were received by B Beasley on 13, while S Fahey received both 17 & 18.   The Dugandan Dice winner was R Fitzgerald with 5 Aces.    This week will be sponsored by B Lawrance & B Beasley playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by G Parker & L Blunt playing a single stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.


Saturday was sponsored by A Bennett playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition. Thanks to Alba for your continued support.  This was the 2nd round of the Platinum Edge Challenge that was washed out earlier in the month. The Overall Winner was W Hall with 67 net.  The Mens Winner was G Yeomans with 68 net, runner up was D Ryan with 69 net.  The Ladies winner was A Leary with 70 net, runner up was H Roebig with 71 net.  The run down went to J Gurney & B Freiberg 71 net, K Milligan, C Perrem, J Pfingst, B Lynch & D Bass with 72 net, P Rabbitt & M Cavanagh 73 net followed by M Wyvill, V Tippett, A Parker, M Titcomb, P Gerhardt, C Shannon, J Sanderson, N Mulligan & D Stanfield with 74 net.   Pin shots were received by D Bass & J Pfingst on 4/13, P King & J Pfingst received 8/17 while K Milligan & K Turner received 9/18.   This week will be sponsored by Tony Holland Funerals playing a 4 Ball Ambrose competition.  Next week will be sponsored by Boonah Jewellery & Gifts playing a single stableford/monthly mug competition. 


This week we have a small Social Club using some of the buggies.  Social play will be available, though ring the club house if wanting a buggy to make sure there is one available.

Friday 3rd May:

The Course will be closed for all golf until 1 pm as we are hosting the Local Schools Cross Country.

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