Golf Notes 15/4/24 – 21/4/24


The Veterans had 20 players playing a stableford competition in an afternoon timeslot due to the Oxley Vets playing here in the morning.  The winner was D Stanfield with 38 pts.  The ball rundown went to W Maudsley & J Trovatello 36 pts, W Hall 35 pts, followed by W Hill 33 pts and J Gurney, T Henderson & R Stinson with 32 pts.  Pin shots were received by W Maudsley & W Lovett.  The Encouragement Award went to S Buchholz.  Next week will be a 4 BBB competition.


Wednesday the Ladies had 9 players play a bogey competition.     The winner was T Reid Pocock ocb from runner up S Grace and N Stanfield with +2.  The pin shot on 17 was  received by S Grace.    This week will be sponsored by the Australian Hotel playing a stableford competition.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by Peak Pool Performance playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  The winner was B Sampson with 29 pts, runner up was R Scells with 28 pts, followed by R Maudsley with 27 pts.  The run down went to R Cuneo 26 pts, S Fahey & C Shannon 25 pts followed by N Hooke, J McGrath & L Vandenbrink with 24 pts.   Pin shots were received by S Farnan on 4, G Parker received 8 while B Beasley received 9.   The Dugandan Dice winner was L Vandenbrink with 5 Aces.    This week will be sponsored by A Lutter from J R Plant Hire, playing a 2 Ball Ambrose competition.  Next week will be sponsored by B Lawrance & B Beasley playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.


Saturday we had 102 players, play a 2 person Ambrose competition for the All Saints Open Day.  Thanks to Steve and the All Saints team for putting on a great day.  The Winners were C Perrem & A Gill with 60.5, runners up were W Hall & D Beazley with 61.5 ocb from T Gnech & J Beasley, followed by D Bass & N Mulligan 61.75 and B Perrem & K Wilson with 63.25.  The run down went to H Perrem & B Lawrance 64 net, N Dean & C Gatehouse 64.25, A Tomlinson & P Eggenhuizen 64.75, W Martin & R Higgs 65 net, A Leary & G Clark 65.25, S Bailey & K Sawtell 65.75, D Tomlinson & C Jorgensen, R Lawrie & J Browning and T Wilson & J West 66.25, J Miles & M Titcomb 66.5, J & C Wilson 68 net, B Lynch & L Maloney 68.25, J Loutit & S Avery and P Gerhardt & D Smith 68.5, T & M Gnech and J Gurney & B King 68.75, followed by G & J Grimsey 69.25, S & T Bennett and K Turner & D Wall 69.5 and D & N Stanfield 69.75.  Pin shots were received by R Anderson on 1/10, B Lawrance received both 2/11 and 3/12, T Gnech & S McKenzie received 4/13, A Gill received 5/14 with and Eagle, A Tomlinson received 6/15, J Beasley received 7/16, P Schwarz & J Pfingst received 8/17 while C Gatehouse received 9/18.   This week will be sponsored by A Bennett playing a single stroke competition. This will be the 2nd round of the Platinum Edge Challenge that was washed out earlier in the month.  Saturday the 4th May will be sponsored by Tony Holland Funerals playing a 4 Ball Ambrose competition. 


This week we are hosting the Moreton District Executive Day.  No social play will be available.

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