Golf Notes 11/3/24 – 17/3/24


Monday the Veterans had 47 players, play a stroke competition.  The winner was R Freeman ocb from runner up S Dennis also ocb from W Lovett, K Rhodes, T Henderson, D Forsyth with 73 net.  The ball run down continued with A Swift 74 net, P Peck, B Philp & R Humphrey 75 net and J Gurney & A Stick 76 net.   The Ladies winner was K Turner with 75 net, followed by B Dover, A Brown & D Marshall 78 net.  Pin shots were received by D Dann & Bass while, D Wall & K Turner received the ladies. The Members Draw jackpotted.   


The Ladies played a single stableford competition sponsored by L Reinholdsson.  The winner was G Drain ocb from runner up B Dover & D Marshall with 33 pts.  Pin shots were received by G Drain & K Cook.   Wednesday will be a club bash competition, sponsored by H Roebig. 


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by W Gnech playing a single stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  The winner was P Eggenhuizen ocb from runner up J Gurney with 45 net.  The run down went to W Wieland 47 net, M Wyvill 48 net, followed by G Searle, B Beasley, D Forsyth & B Shaw with 49 net.  Pin shots were received by R Burnett on 13, L Blunt received 17 while S Fahey received 18.  B Beasley had the best gross for the day with 52 off the stick. The Dugandan Dice winner was D Stanfield in a toss off with 5 Aces’s.   This week will be sponsored by R Fitzgerald playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.   Next week will be sponsored by D Forsyth playing stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.


Saturday was sponsored by The Captains for the 1st round of the Championships.  The winner was R Humphrey with 69 net, runner up was G Parker with 70 net.  We had a visitor T Wilson also have a good round for the day.  The Ladies winner was D Marshall with 69 net, runner up was B Dover with 70 net.  The run down went to L Milner, L Blunt, W Hall & M Dickson with 70 net, G Eviston, B Philp & M Cavanagh 71 net, followed by A Hertweck, M O’Reilly, A Gill, A Heit, W Maudsley, B Williams, R Burnett & K Milligan 72 net and J West, W Martin, W Gneh, M Titcomb, C Bell, D Gittins, D Ryan & D Wall with 73 net.  Pin shots were received by D Marshall & G Parker on 4/13, while A Leary & G Eviston received 8/17 while Z Eviston & A Parker received 9/18. Both K Milligan & A Bennett had Eagles on the 6th hole.  This week end will be the 3rd and final round of Championships, Saturday will be sponsored by the President. Sunday will be sponsored by the Patrons.   Next week be sponsored by Mitre 10 Boonah playing a stableford competition.  This will be a 10.30 shot gun start.


Sunday was sponsored by the Vice Presidents for the 2nd round of the Championships.  The winner was P Peck ocb from K Wilson with 68 net.  The Ladies winner was L Edwards with 69 net, runner up was S Reid with 73 net.  The run down went to A Gill & S Fahey 70 net, W Gnech, M Wyvill & B Lynch 71 net, G Hunt, L Blunt, G Maynard, C Bell & D Tomlinson 72 net followed by S Bennett 73 net and M Titcomb, G Parker, I Browning, K Milligan, P Gerhardt, J Browning, G Benstead & K Turner with 74 net.


The scores for the best 4 this week are:  A Grade:  A Gill 148, W Maudsley 150, D Bass 152 & S Fahey 154.  B Grade: L Blunt 164, I Browning & J Lynch 172 & A Parker 174.  C Grade: D Ryan 188, J Miles 190, P Peck 193 & T Roebig 196.  For the Ladies the best 2 so far are: J Pfingst & D Wall 181.  B Grade: L Edwards 189 & Z Eviston 198.  C Grade:  D Marshall 215 & H Roebig 216.


No Social play this week due to the Championships being held.

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