Golf Notes 12/2/24 – 18/2-24


Monday the Veterans had 36 players, play a 2 ball Ambrose competition.  The winners were G Hunt & R Lawrie with 62 net, runners up were D Bass & K Turner with 67¾. The run down went to R Freeman & R Burnett and C Petrohilos & S Edwards 66½ and J McGrath & R Maudsley with 68 net.    Next week will be a stableford competition.


The Ladies played a single stableford competition sponsored by K Cook.  The winner was H Roebig with 33 pts, runner up was B Dover with 29 pts. The run down went to N Stanfield, L Reinholdsson & D Marshall.  Deb won the pin shot on 8/17. J Baluch & J Edwards played 9 holes.  This week will be a stableford competition sponsored by Nicki Stanfield.


Wednesday the Sporters was sponsored by N Hooke playing a stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.   The winner was R Burnett with 43 net, runner up was J McGrath with 44 net.  The run down went to G Parker 46 net, followed by S Fahey & M Wyvill 47 net and W Hall & L Blunt 48 net.   Pins shots were received by M Wyvill on 13, S Fahey received 17 while P Eggenhuizen received 18. The best gross for the day was S Fahey with 48 off the stick.  The Dugandan Dice winner was J Handley with 5 Q’s.  This week will be sponsored by M O’Reilly playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  Next week will be the Joe Dover Memorial playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition, sponsored by his family.


Saturday the morning people just finished their rounds before we had a down pour of rain washing out the afternoon people.  They played a 4BBB stableford competition.   This week will sponsored by Carlton & United Breweries, playing a stableford competition.  Next week will be sponsored by M Wyvill from Brazzen Rural Products, playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition.   This will be the 1st round of the Platinum Edge Challenge, for the Claret Jug. 


Sunday we have a small Social Club using some of the buggies.  Social Play will be available to play amongst them.  Some buggies will be available, but ring the club to book so you won’t be disappointed.

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