Golf Notes 20/2/23 – 26/2/23


Monday the Veterans had 31 players play stableford competition. The winner was W Lovatt with 39 pts, runner up was C Petrohilos with 38 pts.  The ball run down went to W Maudsley 37 pts, L Blunt 36 pts followed by B Brown 35 pts and G Parker, E Meagher & R Major with 34 pts.  Pin shots were received by T Russell, G Clark & S Kopelke while K Cook & E Meagher received the Ladies.   The Encouragement Award was received M Maynard.   Next week the 6th March the Veterans will play a single stableford competition, for the Scenic Rim Day with an 8.30 shot gun start.


Wednesday the Ladies played another stableford competition for a club trophy.  The winner was L Reinholdsson ocb from runner up A Brown with 38 pts.  Pin shots were received by K Cook & A Brown.  This week will be a stroke competition sponsored by Scenic Rim Trophies.


Wednesday the Sporters were sponsored by the Dover Family for the Joe Dover Memorial playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  The winner was R Eacott with 28 pts, runner up was R Burnett with 27 pts.  The ball run down went to R Maudsley 26 pts, followed by J Gurney, R Stinson, G Lutter, G Parker, W Lovatt & G Eviston with 24 pts.   Pin shots were received by J Gurney on 13 & 18.  R Holland received the Encouragement Award. The Dugandan Dice winner was A Stick with 5 9’s.  This week the Sporters will be sponsored by D Miles from Miles Ahead Plumbing playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  Next week the Sporters will be sponsored by W Gnech playing a stroke 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.


Saturday was sponsored by Tony Hollands Funerals playing a 4 Ball Ambrose competition.  The winners were M & J Wyvill, B Gotke & G Benstead with 54¾, runners up were W Martin, B Davey, N Toohey & P Dadds with 57¾.   The ball run down went to C & K Wilson, A Gill & C Perrem, B Lynch, L Maloney, J Jorgenson & G Yeomans, J Gurney, W Gnech, S Grace & B King and G Clark, A Leary, R Humphrey & D Ryan with 58¾, followed by K Sawtell, J Holland, J Charlton & B Rodgues 59¼, and A Moore, J Miles, K Milligan & M Titcomb and S Lutter, S Fahey, M Weber & G Parker with 59½.  Pin shots were received by B Lynch & B Dover on 4/13, S Fahey & J Wilson received 8/17 while W Martin received 9/18.  This week will be sponsored by M Wyvill from Brazzen Rural Products playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition. This is a 12.30 Shot Gun start. There will be a Calcutta happening after completition of play for the upcoming Championships.  Next week end is the 1st & 2nd round of the Championships.  If you are do not want to be in the Calcutta ring the club or let us know of your decision before the start of play on Saturday.


Sunday we held the 1st of our Sunday Competitions playing a 4BBB stableford medley competition.   The winners were B Dover & W Hall ocb from runners up A Tomlinson & T Reid Pocock with 47 pts.  The ball run down went to J & C Wilson & A Gill & S Grace with 46 pts followed by D Bauer & B Williams 44 pts & G Hunt & W Lovatt with 41 pts.

Next week we have a Social Club using all the buggies.  Social play will be available after they have completed their round, if wanting a buggy.

Nine Hole Comp:

The winner of our 9 hole comp for this week was D Tomlinson

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