Golf Notes 14/8/23 – 20/8/23


Monday the Veterans had 42 players, play a 2 ball Ambrose competition.  The winners were B May & J Browning with 63½, runners up were W Hill & C Petroholis with 64¾.    The ball run down went to A & J Swift and G Hunt & D Wall 65¾, M Sim & G Parker 66½, followed by R Burnett & W Lovett 67½ and D Beazley & T Henderson 69 net.      Pin shots were received by G Hunt, J Browning & G Sharpe while A Brown & T Reid Pocock received the ladies.   K Cook & J Edwards received the Encouragement Award.   Monday the 28/8/23 will be a single stableford competition.  


Wednesday the Ladies were sponsored by Glens Diner playing a single stableford competition. The winner was J Edwards with 39 pts, runner up was L Reinholdsson with 37 pts.      Pin shots were received by A Brown.   This week will be sponsored by T Reid Pocock playing a stableford competition. Next week will be sponsored by Elite Meats for the Annette Geiger Memorial, playing a single stableford competition.


Wednesday the Sporters had 35 players, for the Glen Sippel Memorial, sponsored by the QFS mates, B Brown & D Forsyth, playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.    The winner was T Russell with 29 pts, runner up was R Scells with 28 pts.  The rundown went to S Lutter 27 pts, C Farnan, G Searle & S Bailey 26 pts followed by W Hall, D Beazley, R Cuneo, L Vandenbrink & J McGrath 25 pts and R Eacott 24 pts.    Pin shots were received by J Gurney on 4 while G Benstead received both 8 & 9.  The Dugandan Dice winner was R Stinson with 5 Aces.  This week will be the Hal Gwynne Memorial sponsored by G Eviston, playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  Next week will be sponsored by S Bennet from Boonah Business Supplies, playing a stableford 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.

9 Hole Friday Comp:

The winner of our 9 hole comp playing a stableford back 9 competition was D Beazley.   You can play Friday at any time as long as you have someone to mark your card.  This week will be a stableford front 9 competition.


Saturday we played the Furniture Court Open Day playing a single stableford competition.  Thanks to Brad, DJ and all of the sponsors for making this the biggest prizes for the year with all money raised to going to the Fassifern Junior Rugby League.  The A Grade winner was B May with 41 pts, runner up was P McNiven ocb from R Burnett with 39 pts.  B Grade winner was R Lawrie with 38 pts, runner up was M Weber ocb from I Pocock with 37 pts.  C Grade winner was G Martin with 41 pts, runner up was A Hertweck 38 pts followed by J Handley with 37 pts.  The Ladies winner was Z Eviston with 39 pts, runner up was S Grace 38 pts followed by V Bird with 37 pts. The Social winner was S Gillett, runner up was S Newman followed by C Parker.  The run down went to G Lutter 37 pts, R Eacott, R Humphrey & D Wall 36 pts followed by K C & J Wilson, H Roebig, G Philp & D Forsyth 35 pts and J Pfingst, M O’Reilly, A Leary, N Stanfield B Beasley & A Heit 34 pts.   Pin shots were received by M Titcomb on 3/12, B May & Z Eviston received 4/13, B May, K Wilson, W Maudsley received 6/15 with Eagles, S Lutter & H Roebig recieved 8/17 while K Wilson received 9/18.  This week will be the Boonah Rotary Open Day playing a stableford competition. The next week will be sponsored by B & G Philp playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition.


Both our Pennants sides were defeated today.   A Grade lost to Ipswich 5-4, while B Grade lost to Brisbane River 4-1.


This Sunday we have 2 Social clubs using all of our buggies.  Social play will be available after they have completed their rounds. Ring the club to book your round or for any further details.

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