Golf Notes 11/12/23 – 17/12/23


Monday the Veterans played a stableford competition.   The winner was B Sampson with 42 pts, runner up was A Stick with 40 pts ocb.    The ball run down went to W Maudsley 40 pts, R Humphrey & G Parker 37 pts, followed by J Gurney & R Stinson 36 pts, R Holland, L Blunt, B Brown & S Dennis 35 pts.  The Ladies winner was A Brown with 37 pts, runner up was J Bauch with 36 pts, while E Meagher received a ball in the run down with 34 pts.  Pinshots were received by J Browning, B May & J Gurney while E Meagher & K Turner received the ladies.   The Encouragement Award went to S Kopelke.   The Veterans are now in recess until January.


Wednesday the Sporters played a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition, for a club trophy.  It was a game in honor of Graham “Lew” Lutter.  The winner was R Eacott with 28 pts, runner up was R Stinson with 27 pts.  The run down went to J McGrath 26 pts, W Lovett, L Blunt & S Fahey 25 pts followed by J Strutt & J Gurney with 24 pts.   Pin shots were received by R Eacott on 13, S Fahey received 17 while J Gurney received 18   The Dugandan Dice winner was A Stick with 4 Aces.  Sporters are now in recess and will resume on the 10th January 2024.


Saturday we played a 2 Ball Ambrose competition, for our closing day.  The winners were D Smith & P Gerhardt with 60 net, runners up were W Maudsley & W Gnech with 61½ followed by R Lawrie & G Hunt with 62¼.  The run down went from J & D Gurney 62½, S Fahey & C Gatehouse, K Milligan & K Wilson, J Schumacher & J Sanderson, G Maynard & A Gill, C Bell & J Miles, A & D Tomlinson, J Browning & B May to A Parker & R Higgs with 65¾.   Pin shots were received by A Gill & S Grace on 4/13 and W Maudsley & J Wilson received 8/17.   We are now in Christmas Recess.  Our Opening day will be on the 6th January playing a 2 Ball Ambrose kindly sponsored by D Ryan & A Leary.  Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a Safe & Prosperous New Year.

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