Golf Notes 12/6/23 – 18/6/23


Monday the Veterans had 38 players play a Single Stableford competition.  The winner was T Henderson with 41 pts, runner up was W Lovatt ocb from R Burnett with 38 pts.    The ball run down continued with G Philp 37 pts, C Petrohilos & S Dennis 36 pts, L Edwards 34 pts followed by D Gittins, M Gray, D Forsyth, B May, J Browning & S Kopelke with 33 pts.    Pin shots were received C Petrohilos, T Henderson & J Browning while L Edwards & S Kopelke received the ladies.  V Hunter received the Encouragement Award.    Monday the 26th will be a single stableford competition.


This week was sponsored by Annas Hair & Beauty playing a single stableford competition.  The winner was N Stanfield with 39 pts, runner up was D Marshall with 38 pts.    This week will be sponsored by B Dover playing a single stableford competition.  Next week will be sponsored by N Stanfield.


Wednesday the Sporters were sponsored by R Scells for the Kalbar Community Bank, playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.  The winner was G Yeomans with 28 pts, runner up M Wyvill ocb from R Lawrie with 27 pts.  The rundown continued with T Henderson & G Benstead 26 pts followed by L Vandenbrink 25 pts and C Shannon & J McGrath 24 pts.   Pin shots were received by T Henderson on 13, M Wyvill received 17 while W Maudsley received 18.  This week will be sponsored by Dale Rhodes from Scenic Rim Pest Management, playing a stroke 1-9 + 10, 14 & 15 competition.  Next week will be sponsored C Farnan playing a stableford 10-18 + 1, 5 & 6 competition.


Saturday was sponsored by Fassifern Coaches playing a single stableford/monthly mug competition.  Thanks for coming on board as a new Sponsor. The winner was N Toohey ocb from runner up  J Grimsey with 41 pts, followed by C Wheeler with 40 pts.  The   Ladies winner was A Tomlinson with 44 pts, runner up was S McKenzie with 36 pts ocb.  The ball run down went to P Gerhardt 38 pts, B May, W Gnech,  P Manitta & G Yeomans 37 pts, followed by R Humphrey, K Brammer & M O’Reilly 36 pts and A Bennett & C Shannon 35 pts.   Pin shots were received by A Leary & P Manitta on 4/13, P Eggenhuizen & K Turner received 8/17 while A Bennett & S McKenzie received 9/18.  This week will be sponsored by Ipswich Battery World playing a 4 BBB stableford competition.   The next week will be sponsored by D Forsyth, M O’Reilly & W Hill playing a single stroke/monthly medal competition.


Today we played the Mens & Ladies Foursome Championships.   The Mens Champions are B Beasley & J Browning with 118, runners up were B Gotke & S Fahey with 123.  The Ladies Champions are S Reid & S McKenzie with 133, runners up were K Turner & D Wall with 144.  The Mens net winners were C Bell & A Lutter with 105, runners up were B Beasley & J Browning with 110.5.   The Ladies net winners were S Grace & A Leary with 112.5, runners up were A Brown & B Dover with 116.

This week we have a social club using all the buggies.  Social play will be available after they have finished their round.   Ring the club to book your round or for any further details.  

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